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CITI Award 2021SustainabilityA Top Ranking for Supply Chain Management in China
Wellthread 2021Brands / SustainabilityLevi’s? Wellthread?: Classic Meets Cutting-Edge
Liz O'Neill Op EdSustainabilityCongress Must Take Climate Action to Keep U.S. Competitive
SustainabilityInside Our 2020 Sustainability Report
2020 Sustainability ReportSustainabilityBuilding Toward a More Sustainable Future
Jeans Redesign ProjectSustainabilityDesigning a More Circular Future
IFC PartnershiipSustainabilitySupporting Supplier Sustainability with the IFC
U.S Cotton Trust ProtocolSustainabilityLS&Co. Joins U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol
conscious consumptionSustainabilityWe Need to Talk About Conscious Consumption
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