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Holiday Helper 2021
Unzipped LogoHow Our Holiday Helper Program Benefited AllRead More
All Business Innovation Brands Sustainability Heritage Values
Best of 2021BusinessA Look Back at Levi Strauss & Co. in 2021
Machine-learning bootcampBusinessLS&Co. Develops 100-Plus New Data Scientists
Female-friendly CompaniesBusiness / ValuesForbes Names LS&Co. a Top Female-Friendly Company
Chief Future OfficerBusinessHarmit Singh Featured on ‘Chief Future Officer’
NextGen ChileBusinessOur First NextGen Store Opens in Latin America
Business / ValuesSupporting Women Throughout the Pandemic
Seen & Heard 2021Business / ValuesLS&Co. Makes Space for Employees to be ‘Seen & Heard’
Cristobal AlemanBusinessIn Good Company: Designing with Authenticity
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